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The letter combination for the owners and hotel management company, negotiated "hotel management contract" provides a special legal service. Namely: the organization of professional lawyer team, for the owners in the contract negotiations and in the whole process, to provide timely, thoughtful and special legal service. The scope of services is the core:

provides relevant legal knowledge training for the owners of the negotiation team, the main content is: legal risk legal expression and owners contract hotel management contracts, contracting procedure stage file legal effect, legal characteristics, management contracts with the owners of major commercial interests of prevention and control.

the owners and hotel management company of the letter of intent (or management memorandum, hereinafter referred to as the letter of intent) negotiation stage, involved with the hotel management company letter of intent consultation, negotiation, according to the negotiations, the vital interests involved in terms of the owners of the legal opinions, stage, and proposes the corresponding solution;

to property owners and hotel management company signed a letter of intent for legal review, legal documents drafting, modifying the current round of negotiations and signed various agreements, contracts (including the current negotiation process in business correspondence);

signed the letter of intent of the management contract negotiation phase, to assist the owner to make negotiation strategy and plan, participate in the contract negotiations, and puts forward the legal opinions on the stage the pace of negotiations, legal text audit final management contract;

in English, control review of final signed the text, the text is consistent, and issue opinions;

in management after the signing of the contract of technology service stage, according to the progress of project contract to assist owners to improve service mode, develop technical services, the rules of procedure of the proposed technical service meeting, to participate in major technical service conference, fixed service results and standard, until the wine shop transfer coordination;