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Has rich experience in the field of United still in real estate law, the participation of a large number of real estate transactions. Guoxin combined to provide a full range of real estate legal services for clients in the following areas:

And real estate development (project) the establishment of the company

· assist developers for the acquisition of real estate development rights

· assist developers to obtain land for construction planning permits, construction planning permits, construction land approval certificate and project planning documents of ratification

· assist developers to obtain the right to use state-owned land

And real estate development project acquisition (transfer)

And real estate development project financing

· assist developers in project management

And real estate development projects bidding

· assist developers for commercial housing advance (Sales) permit hand

· assist developers to develop real estate sales plan

· the drafting of commercial housing sales (lease) file

And on behalf of the developers or real people (the lessee) contract negotiation

· the legitimacy of the purchase of real estate project review and issue legal opinion

· for housing ownership and land use right of state-owned land registration procedures