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Goldsun Law Firm formerly known as Guangdong Goldsun Law Firm ("Goldsun"), was founded in August 1998 through the merger of Guangdong Zhonghai Law Firm and Guangdong Dongjun Law Firm, and by a number of reputable lawyers. The establishment of Goldsun is to meet market demands occasioned by economic development, to create a well structured, scientifically managed  
and high quality law firm specializing in various areas and to expand the legal practice of the Guangdong Province after China’s accession to the WTO.On 20th September 2000, the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China conferred upon Goldsun the honorable title of "Ministerial Level Leading Law Firm". In 2005, Goldsun was awarded "the Top Ten Law Firms in China" by the worldwide famous magazine Forbes, and from the year 2004 to 2006, Goldsun  
was granted the title of "Standarlizing management" by the lawyer's industry in Guangzhou.  
    Goldsun has a large number of over 120 outstanding professional staff,and many of them began their careers in the legal profession in the 1980s when the country started to re-established its system of lawyers. They are well experienced  
and very reputable in the profession. In addition,asignificant number of the members of the team used to work with the judiciary, the administrative departments of government uthorities,universities,research institutes and various economic departments, and some others graduated overseas.It is this alliance which makes the Goldsun team relatively all round and in depth so that the needs of different clients seeking professional services can be adequately served.  
    Goldsun has a number of practice groups including corporate finance,intellectual property, conveyance, foreign related 
legal affairs, corporate and commercial,litigation and etc., specialiing in finance, securities, merger and acquisitions, 
investments, conveyance and insolvency.   
    Goldsun possesses groups of specialized practice and a scientific and well structured system of internal management which effectively consolidates the strengths and resources of all its lawyers so as to provide the best services to its clients.

    The firm has obtained the following certificates of qualification conferred by the relevant departments of the State:  
    "Certificate of Qualification for a Law Office to Practice Securities Law" jointly issued by the PRC Ministry of Justice and China Regulatory Committee on Securities. Incidentally, the Firm is also one of the 59 law firms permitted by the Ministry of Justice and the Regulatory Committee on Securities to deal with matters relating to the rights and interests of foreign companies in Mainland China; "Certificate of Qualification for a Law Office to Practice the Law for the Determination of Ownership of Assets of CollectivelyOwned Enterprises for Science & Technology"jointly issued by the PRC Ministry of Justice, the State Commission of Science & Technology and the PRC State Assets Administration Bureau;  
"Certificate of Qualification for Lawyer to Practice the Law Relating to Tender and Bid for Medium to Large Scale Construction Projects" jointly issued by the PRC Ministry of Justice and the State Planning Commission.  
The founding of Goldsun rests upon co-operation. Internally, we advocate “let each lawyer plays to one's strengths and let the firm assimilates these strengths”; Externally, we maintain a close working relationship with our foreign and local fellow professionals and the relevant organizations including securities underwriters, banks, legal firms, accountants, valuers, etc.,
 so as to better provide our professional services to our clients in all areas. We constructed the website and wrote periodicals so as to provide a media between lawyers and their clients for communication and information exchange. We also actively participated in various academic and professional seminars and meetings so as to obtain the latest information and results in order to enable us to maintain a closer tie with the society. Through these efforts, not only has Goldsun achieved good credentials, but also met the developing needs of the society.
These has been developed, from time to time, creativity both in terms of the nature and the areas of services provided and the quality of these services has ever been improving.
Goldsun is located at the centre of the commercial and financial district of Guangzhou, as the commercial and cultural centre of Southern China. The convenience of traffic, the elegant work environment, the top class office facilities, including networking of computers, access to the Internet,access to the data base for laws and regulations, the advance telecommunication equipment, and word and information processing system, have enabled us to provide our clients with better and more efficient  services.

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